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The Perch is an online magazine for those with aspirations and dreams bigger than their budgets.

We showcase the products and lifestyles that you aspire to have, while also providing the best value shortcuts to help get you there.

This is all underlined by our three key themes – Inspiration, Value and Indulgence. Every article on The Perch fits one of these themes, helping you quickly identify your goals with each piece of content.

Our three content themes


Escape from the stresses of life

Unsurprisingly, Inspiration is all about the things that inspire us. These articles highlight the finer things in life, motivating you and giving you something to work towards.


Find economical ways to get the most out of life

Achieving your aspirational goals doesn’t have to be a burden. Our Value articles help you reach them without breaking the bank or wasting more time than is necessary.


Instant satisfaction for your life

Of course, instant satisfaction is also important. Our Indulgence articles fulfill your existing hobbies and interests, helping you pass the time without wasting it.

Story collections

A selection of our content is published as three-part stories, with one article to fit each theme. These story collections usually focus on one subject and approach it from different angles.

Special features

Our special features contain comprehensive reports and insights into the topics you care about most. From in-depth research and surveys to fun infographics and illustrations, our special features provide the ultimate content escape.


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